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Fashion Trend Forecasting

Welcome to the Trend Forecasting website.  The goal of this site is to assist members of the fashion industry with learning about trend forecasting techniques and resources.  Our site will present trend spotting tips as well as information to aid fashion designers and clothing retailers with forecasting next seasons clothing trend.

This Trend Forecasting website is to help you learn more about fashion trends from the past, present and future.

The Trend Forecasting website is designed to help educate the fashion industry and consumers regarding various aspects regarding the art of forecasting clothing, footwear, and style trends.  

We will discuss fashion forecasting services as well as suggested techniques.

The Trend Forecasting website is a division of the Apparel Search Company.

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Fashion Trend Forecasting

Fashion Color Trend Forecasting

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Apparel Search is an apparel industry guide providing members of the fashion industry with links to virtually every aspect of apparel, fashion, textiles, footwear, and clothing.  One of the many important aspects of the garment industry is the monitoring and evaluation of "trends".  Apparel Search is one of the most trendy businesses on the internet.  Learn more about Apparel Search in the About Us section on the ApparelSearch.com website.

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